Photos this page: Level 3 TBA Students, 2017 Performance "Coral Kingdom"  Photographer Denny Culbert

Photos this page: Level 3 TBA Students, 2017 Performance "Coral Kingdom"

Photographer Denny Culbert


The Ballet Académie...

The Ballet Académie consists of a YOUTH DIVISION for ages five through pre-professional made up of three levels based upon age and technical proficiency. Classical ballet technique is the school's foundation and pointe classes are offered in addition to variation, character, contemporary ballet, partnering, modern, and conditioning & strengthening classes, as well as focus classes which concentrate on a specific aspect of dance such as turns, jumps or linking steps.  Also available are optional PRIVATE CLASSES which are beneficial for refining technique and becoming performance ready.



Beginning students focus on the basic elements of classical ballet including body awareness and proper body placement, flexibility and strength, memorization and execution of simple combinations, the introduction of terminology, musicality, classroom etiquette and overall appreciation for dance.

Intermediate and advanced students expand upon these building blocks, focusing more intently on alignment and muscle control, muscle development and toning, technique, style and execution and familiarity with various styles that exist in today's dance world. Combinations become more complex and advanced turns and petite and grand allegro are emphasized.

Students may participate in any lower level class at no extra fee. Students must maintain consistent attendance in their current level.


Additional Elements of Class Work:

- Following instruction
- Participating in groups
- Setting and achieving goals
- Developing cognitive function & motor skills
- Developing discipline, determination, perseverance



The Ballet Académie offers an annual spring performance, held at the Acadiana Center for the Arts' James Devin Moncus Theater, to all students in training as a way to continue their dance education experience. Through rehearsal and performance, the students gain invaluable insight into this aspect of a dancer's life as they hone their performing skills. An exciting time of costumes, choreography and showmanship, it provides students an artistic outlet to demonstrate the skills they have acquired throughout the year.